smells like tulips

by gigaishu

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Powerful, but not edged
It self-releases unapologetically
When felt
You become enveloped in it
Its what you've been looking forward to


Where you like to be to be
Where's the sea in the sky
what fee for fees so I can see

Don't know why
You're just too shy
When we'll say good-bye?

You keep banging on the anchor
Training to be your saviour
When though
I wanna know
My hand doing shadow animals

Sigh by the ol' palm tree
Where I saw you swing
Meet me
In the windy week
This chat got me lasting this infatuation
What is this that we are makin?

Grab you from your cliff
Have I told you that I'm rich
Sit with me on this bench
We'll watch
The view we've spent


released July 13, 2017
i did everything



all rights reserved


gigaishu California


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