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This album was written out when i was 17 after high school up until the year after. [March 2013 - Nov. 2014]

The production was done during all of last year up to this point of beginning of July. [Jan. 2015 - July 2016]

I wanted to make "basement." when I was just a senior. I joked about making a mixtape, knowing people wouldn't take me serious for such an attempt. This was suppose to be for fun, until I had a 4-month depressing rut in the last quarter of 2013 into the first quarter of 2014. I had several epiphanies, one in particular made me realize that I had nothing in this world, nothing except these raps and writing I was always writing down in my phone or notebooks. Whether it was a catchy punch-line or stupid song about girls or me being vulnerable at night, it always amused me of the capability I had when it came to being creative with words.

Three years later and I'm here going to release a piece of me into the world with no fear, I'm at guard right now but when this drops I know I'll be able to take whatever comes at me, I don't care much anymore. My hope for people to grab from this is to show that, no matter who you are you can chase your dreams and they will not be as blurry as you saw them earlier in the morning.

What I hope you start envisioning is that you are going to be okay, and this annoying feeling of always being sad is fortunately temporary. I don't know if I was clinically depressed or not, but I do know I was definitely never happy enough. You ever feel like maybe falling off a window would be okay from a two story apartment and the falling point is where the car garage is? Or when you're driving Mom's car at night that it'd be funny to let the car move away by itself, let it be set free? Or maybe try intoxicating yourself with alcohol hoping someone will notice? If yes, well that was me for a while. I've had more occurrences like these but I'll get to them later.

Well I'm here now, and I'm better. I made it out alive. I don't really know how, or really know why, but I was right about that I wanted to see more of life and that there was possibly something waiting for me behind all this insanity. I'm here to tell you, you can make it out too, out of this pit of sadness that you probably think will keep getting deeper and it will sometimes but Don't give up please.

I swear after all this bullshit, its way better.


released August 17, 2016

This album is
Written by hugo
Produced by hugo
Art Direction by hugo
Album Cover by hugo
Marketing by hugo
A&R: Sherie, Angel, Alex, and hugo



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